Online Yoga | Pranayama & Meditation Course for Beginners 1

by Shri Sushant Pandey, 20+ years teaching experience, ex Faculty Bihar School of Yoga

Mental exhaustion, stress, anxiety? The modern day and age throws such unique challenges at us from time to time. A combination of Pranayama and Meditation is a potent package to cope with these and initiate healing. In the yogic tradition, there are systematic processes to transform the nature and function of your mind. As a result, the mind reaches a state of deep rest and relaxation.

Pranayama is one of the most effective yogic processes that calms down the nerves and enhances mental vigour. It helps clear the mind and activate relaxation response in the body-mind system.

Meditation helps balance the emotional life of an individual and develop relaxed awareness & one-pointedness (Ekagrata). For instance, Yoga Nidra works on cumulative stress and deep-seated anxieties. Likewise, there are various meditation techniques that focus on the other crucial aspects of mental health.

The course aims to develop an insight into the rich tradition of Yogic discipline in a holistic and authentic way with adequate exposure to the various theoretical and practical aspects of Pranayama and Meditation. It is designed to provide everyday tools to assist you in dealing with your mind and its complexities. The course is also an opportunity to set aside time for yourself, and discover your true nature.

Find a little space and have a mat ready for this 10-day, 90-minute session.

Course Duration & Fee

5 days, 90 min / day
INR 3000 1500 + Taxes

Upcoming Batch(es)

18th April 2022, 6.30 pm
Monday – Friday
Registration Closed

2nd May 2022, 6.30 pm
Monday – Friday


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Sushant is a postgraduate in Yoga Psychology (1997-99), from the World-renowned Bihar School of Yoga and worked as a Lecturer there in the same department for four years. As a lecturer at the Yoga University, Sushant had opportunities to lead practical classes on Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, traditional Meditations and Philosophy talks with specialization in Samkhya, Tantra, Kundalini and Yoga Philosophies.

What you get to learn


Disciplining and maintaining unbroken awareness on breath

Learning how to breathe natural diaphragmatic Abdominal breathing

Learn to utilise thoracic breathing to enhance the capacity of breath

Using abdominal, thoracic and clavicular breaths together to maximize the vital capacity of the lungs

Balancing pranayama to harmonize the Pranic flow and hemispheric activities of the brain

Tranquillising pranayama to soothe the mind and relax the brain waves

Breathing technique to vitalise the digestive system and purify and tone the nervous system


Foundation technique of meditation to learn how to quieten the body and mind

Systematic yogic relaxation technique known as psychic sleep to calm down the system and awaken the relaxation response

Mindful awareness of mantra repetition in a psychic/energy channel

Technique to witness the sensations and thoughts with detached awareness

Yogic visualisation technique to improve relaxation of the mind and ability to concentrate

Traditional Approach

The course is specially designed for beginners on the foundation of Classical Hatha Yoga promoted Bihar School of Yoga.

Experienced Yoga Gurus

Classes are taken by senior teachers with decades of experience in teaching yoga, both online and offline.

Interactive Sessions

Active interaction & personal attention by teacher creates an environment for learning and evolving with confidence.