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Welcome to a comprehensive Yoga Portal! We are delighted to extend an invitation to Yoga University, institutions, studios, centres, and teachers from around the globe to join us on a transformative journey of spreading the essence of traditional Indian yoga to aspirants worldwide. Partnering with us not only offers a multitude of advantages but also includes our dedicated marketing efforts both online and offline, ensuring your courses receive the recognition they deserve.

Why Partner with

By joining forces with us, you gain access to a vast and diverse global audience of yoga enthusiasts. Whether you are an established institution or an aspiring yoga teacher, our platform empowers you to make a meaningful impact on a worldwide scale while connecting with learners from all walks of life. is more than just a digital space; we aspire to a  vibrant community that unites like-minded partners with a shared vision of promoting the ancient wisdom of traditional Indian yoga. Together, we can create a positive and profound ripple effect, fostering a deeper understanding of yoga's transformative power.

We firmly believe that education should be accessible to all. As our valued partner, you can showcase yourselves on our platform completely free of cost. This enables learners from every corner of the world to explore and enrol in your offerings without any financial barriers.

Partnering with us highlights your institution's teaching profile, granting you increased exposure and recognition within the global yoga community. The increased visibility will enhance the credibility and reputation as a centre of excellence in yoga education, coupled with our marketing efforts to amplify your presence.

Our commitment to promoting you goes beyond the virtual realm. Our dedicated marketing team will actively promote your offerings both online and offline. Through targeted digital campaigns, social media engagement, events and traditional advertising, we ensure your courses reach a wider audience.

We understand that different learners have diverse preferences for learning. Whether you offer online, offline, or hybrid training, accommodates all formats, ensuring that your courses reach a wider audience. fosters collaboration among partners, allowing you to network and engage with other esteemed educators and institutions. This enriching environment provides opportunities for knowledge exchange, growth, and personal development.

By partnering with us, you play a crucial role in empowering yoga aspirants worldwide. Your courses contribute to the transformation of lives, fostering physical, mental, and spiritual well-being in seekers who embark on the path of yoga through your teachings, culminating in a blissful and peaceful world

How to Get on Board?

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Fill out the “Partnership Expression of Interest” form below. Tell us about your institution, studio, centre, or teaching background, along with your passion for promoting traditional Indian yoga.

Join us now, and let’s embark on this meaningful journey of yoga education together.

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