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VEDHAKANI YOGA VIDHYALAYA,396, 3rd cross, MGR Nagar, Mariyappan Nagar, Ammapet, Salem, Tamil Nadu

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Vedhakani Yoga Vidhyalaya, Tamil Nadu: A Holistic Sanctuary for Yoga and Well-being

Nestled in the spiritual serenity of Tamil Nadu, Vedhakani Thavamaiyam, under the auspices of Kasakaranur Manavalakalai Trust Salem, welcomes seekers of well-being and spiritual growth. Inaugurated by Mr. Ulavan Thangavelu Ayya on April 21, 2021, this sanctuary offers simplified yoga practices, Kayakalpa Yoga, and Foundation Courses, all guided by the wisdom of Kasakaranur Manavalakalai Trust Salem.

Simplified Physical Exercises for Harmony

Vedhakani Yoga Vidhyalaya follows the teachings of Yogiraj Shri Vethathiri Maharishi, who systematised a series of exercises suitable for all climates and communities. Recognising the connection between the subtle life force and the gross body through blood, heat, and air, these exercises focus on maintaining harmony. With two aspects – postures and movements – the SKY Exercise comprises nine stages, benefiting general fitness, immunity, oxygenation, endocrine gland activation, blood purification, and rejuvenation of the entire physical system.

Simplified Kayakalpa Yoga for Natural Restructuring

Kayakalpa Yoga, an ancient technique from the Siddhas of South India, is a natural way of restructuring the body. Rooted in Sanskrit, where “Kaya” means “body” and “Kalpa” means “immortal,” this practice aims to immortalise the human body, maintain youthfulness, resist aging, and postpone death until spiritual perfection is attained. The Science of Kayakalpa focuses on the physical body, mind, bio-magnetism, life force, and sexual vital fluid. Its benefits include enhanced brain function, increased memory power, improved immunity, and reduction of hereditary diseases.

SKY Yoga Meditation: Elevating the Mind

Meditation at Vedhakani Yoga Vidhyalaya serves the purpose of elevating the mind. With frequencies of mind waves calming down during meditation, the practice helps achieve perfection and peace. Simplified Kundalini Yoga, a form of meditation, utilises the life force for meditation objectives. Nine types of meditations, including Agna Meditation, Shanthis Yoga, Thuriya Meditation, and Divine State Meditation, are imparted to deepen spiritual experiences.

SKY Introspection for Happiness: Sublimating Negative Emotions

Introspection is a practical methodology for sublimating negative emotions such as greed, anger, vengeance, and worries. The SKY Introspection courses, comprising special meditation practices and powerful techniques, guide individuals through self-analysis. The five techniques of introspection include the analysis of thoughts, streamlining of desires, neutralisation of anger, eradication of worries, and realisation of self. These practices, designed by Shri Vethathiri Maharishi, lead to the expansion of the mind, control over psychic attachments, and the development of positive values.

Why Visit Vedhakani Yoga Vidhyalaya?

Holistic Well-being: Experience a holistic approach to well-being through simplified yoga practices, Kayakalpa Yoga, and meditation.

Ancient Wisdom: Immerse yourself in the ancient wisdom of South Indian Siddhas, handed down through the teachings of Yogiraj Shri Vethathiri Maharishi.

Natural Restructuring: Explore Kayakalpa Yoga for natural restructuring of the body, promoting youthfulness, and resisting the effects of aging.

Mind Elevation: Elevate your mind through SKY Yoga Meditation, delving into various meditation techniques for spiritual growth.

Positive Transformation: Engage in SKY Introspection for Happiness courses to sublimate negative emotions, leading to a positive transformation of character.

Vedhakani Yoga Vidhyalaya in Tamil Nadu is not just an institute; it’s a sanctuary for those seeking a deeper connection with themselves and the ancient yogic traditions. Visit this serene abode for a transformative journey towards well-being and spiritual awakening.



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