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Atma Gnana Yoga

B-1, Lalitha Terrace, 7, First Street, East Abiramapuram, (Near : Backside Gate of Nageshwara Rao Park) Mylapore Chennai, Tamil Nadu Pincode/ Zipcode - 600004

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Discover Wellness at Atma Gnana Yoga in Chennai

In the heart of Chennai, nestled amid the bustling city life, Atma Gnana Yoga (AGY) stands as a sanctuary for those seeking a holistic approach to well-being. Founded on the principles of self-realisation and spiritual cleansing, this institute offers a unique drugless therapy that transcends the limitations of modern medicine.

Healing Beyond Medicine

In a world plagued by stress and the side effects of modern drugs, Atma Gnana Yoga emerges as a beacon of hope. AGY believes that many ailments find their roots in the twin causes of stress and the repercussions of contemporary medications. The program at AGY is not just a remedy; it’s a transformative journey towards understanding and unlocking the innate healing powers within.

Experiential Wisdom

Atma Gnana Yoga is not your typical yoga program. It’s an experiential journey that spans seven days, with each session lasting 90 minutes. Unlike traditional yoga practices involving strenuous physical postures, AGY is a process-oriented program designed for all age groups. Whether you’re twelve or ninety, the healing benefits of AGY are accessible to everyone.

Holistic Wellness Approach

The program encompasses various elements aimed at holistic wellness:

Pranayama: Harness the power of breath for physical and mental well-being.

Food Habits: Learn about nourishing your body with mindful eating practices.

The Art of Living: Embrace life principles that foster joy and contentment.

Meditation: Cultivate mindfulness through guided meditation practices.

Simple Physical Exercises & Eye Care: Nurture your body with gentle exercises and care for your eyes.

The Atma Gnana Trust Mission

At the core of Atma Gnana Yoga is the Atma Gnana Trust, established in 1989 with a simple yet profound mission – to inspire individuals with unconditional love to be healthy, wealthy, and wise. The AGY program, spanning over seven days, is accessible to anyone above the age of twelve, with no upper age limit.

Why Choose Atma Gnana Yoga?

Proven Track Record:

Atma Gnana Yoga boasts over 30 years of experience, with centers across Chennai. More than 60,000 individuals from diverse backgrounds have reaped the benefits of this transformative program.

Adherence to Timeless Wisdom:

The teachings of Adi Shankara, echoing through centuries, find resonance in AGY. The program emphasises the cleansing of psychic imprints through spiritual practices and the pursuit of self-realization.

Spiritual Wisdom for Modern Living:

AGY’s holistic family program caters to contemporary life, providing practical insights into pranayama, food habits, the art of living, and meditation. It is a beacon of ancient wisdom guiding individuals in the modern world.

Accessible for All Ages:

Whether you’re a teenager or a senior citizen, AGY welcomes everyone above the age of twelve. There’s no upper age limit, making the transformative journey accessible to all.

Health, Harmony, Happiness:

The AGY program, spanning ten days, is a gateway to a life of health, harmony, and happiness. Over 40,000 individuals have already benefited, making it a proven and trusted choice.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and holistic well-being at Atma Gnana Yoga in Chennai. Let the serenity of ancient wisdom guide you towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Inhale tranquillity, exhale well-being – Atma Gnana Yoga awaits to unfold the healer within you.

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