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139, West Sambandam Road, R. S. Puram, Coimbatore Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu Pincode/ Zipcode - 641002

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Soulful Journey with Integral Yoga Institute in Coimbatore

Welcome to Integral Yoga Institute, a sanctuary for rejuvenation and self-discovery. Nestled in the vibrant city of Coimbatore, individuals are invited to embark on a soulful journey towards inner peace and physical well-being. As the world of Yoga is explored, the unique tapestry of Integral Yoga Institute’s partners, who contribute to the essence of this transformative experience, unfolds.

Integral Yoga Institute, situated in the heart of the city of Coimbatore and within one of the upmarket residential areas amid MNCs, government offices, and educational institutions, was founded by the late Swami Satchidananda in 1974. The centre caters to students from beginners to intermediate and advanced levels, offering a combination of various yoga methods, including Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, selfless service, meditation, chanting, and comprehensive instruction in anatomy and physiology.

In Coimbatore, a city pulsating with energy, Integral Yoga Institute has become a haven for Yoga enthusiasts. Esteemed partners play a pivotal role in weaving together the rich tapestry of Yoga in Coimbatore.

Integral Yoga Institute recognises the importance of quality Yoga training. Handpicked partners contribute to the crafting of Yogic excellence, ensuring a transformative journey for every practitioner. Classes, including regular children’s programs and popular summer camps, are conducted for children, and private and group classes are organised at various institutions and corporations.

Exploring the heart of Tamil Nadu through Yoga becomes a unique experience. Tamil Nadu, known for its cultural vibrancy, serves as a canvas for self-discovery through Yoga. Specialised classes are available for elders, pregnant women, children, and individuals with special needs (autism, ADHD, Down syndrome, and cerebral palsy). The institute also conducts full-day workshops and teacher training programs, providing an intensive learning program for competent professional yoga teachers.

Integral Yoga Institute, with over 25 centres worldwide, focuses its programs on the teachings of the revered yoga master, His Holiness Sri Swami Satchidananda. He advocated for learning to discipline one’s little self to gain inner peace, and the institute currently operates to uphold Swamiji’s teachings and ethos of “Easeful body, peaceful mind, and useful life.”

Swamiji’s achievements include the founding of Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville, a spiritual community in Virginia, USA, and his instrumental role in designing and building the Lotus, a beautiful interfaith shrine dedicated to the Universal Light. Recognised with the Albert Schweitzer Humanitarian Award for his peace-building efforts worldwide, Swamiji remains a guiding light for millions of seekers.

Integral Yoga Institute aims to bring a healthy balance among the physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual dimensions to enable individuals to function efficiently and peacefully in their daily lives.

Stepping into the world of Integral Yoga Institute, the integral philosophy of yoga unfolds with each breath. Carefully chosen partners enhance the experience, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.


From the vibrant streets of Coimbatore to the serene yoga studios, partners contribute to the holistic ambiance that defines the institute. Imagine immersing yourself in yoga training in Coimbatore, surrounded by instructors and facilities dedicated to your well-being.

In the heart of Tamil Nadu, where tradition meets modernity, partners weave the fabric of a unique yoga experience. The fusion of ancient practices and contemporary approaches becomes evident in every class, every posture, and every meditation session.


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