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Vivekananda School of Yoga in Bengaluru

Welcome to Vivekananda School of Yoga, where serenity meets strength, and every breath takes you closer to your zen zone. In the bustling heart of Bengaluru, our yoga center stands as a beacon of holistic wellness. Join us in discovering the art of mindfulness and flexibility, as we delve into the immersive world of yoga.

Vivekananda School of Yoga situated in Kempapura, Bangalore is a division of Swami Vivekananda Seva Kendra, which is a non-profit trust dedicated to promoting the practice of Yoga for the betterment of individuals and society as a whole and secure a happy and healthy life daily.

The Essence of Yoga in Bengaluru:

In the dynamic landscape of Bengaluru, where stress and chaos often take center stage, Vivekananda School of Yoga emerges as a haven for those seeking balance. Our meticulously designed yoga courses cater to everyone – from beginners to seasoned practitioners. Let’s explore the vibrant yoga community thriving in the garden city!

Unraveling the Yoga Tapestry – Yoga teacher training course in Bengaluru

At the core of our yoga school lies a commitment to authenticity and tradition. Our yoga teacher training courses in Bengaluru go beyond the physical postures, weaving together the spiritual and mental aspects of yoga practice. It’s not just about perfecting poses; it’s about perfecting the art of living.

Joining the Yoga in Bengaluru:

Ready to join the yoga revolution in Bengaluru? Our Yoga School in Bengaluru warmly welcomes you to a world where each breath is a step towards self-discovery. Unleash the yogi within and let Vivekananda School of Yoga be your guiding light on this transformative journey.

In today’s fast-paced modern lifestyle, health is truly a wealth. Yoga serves as a powerful tool to enhance mental health and shape our physical well-being. However, its benefits extend beyond the physical realm. Yoga also encompasses the pursuit of inner peace, emotional balance and spiritual growth.

It is written by sages in the historical books and proven that regular practice of Yoga not only improves individual health but also contributes to social harmony and mental well-being. By following a yogic way of life, one would definitely experience a holistic growth in various aspects of his lives and empowers to cultivate a harmonious balance between mind, body and spirit, leading to a more fulfilled and content existence.
Vivekananda School of Yoga provides basic yoga class, pranayama, kriya yoga, meditation, yoga therapy and acupressure classes daily at convenient time slots.

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