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Ramesh Shetty’s Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Shala

#186/A, 4th floor, Mahalakshmi Apartment,9th Cross Road, 3rd Stage Gokulam,Mysore, Karnataka 570002, India.

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Ramesh Shetty’s Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Shala in Mysuru: A Sanctuary for Yogic Transformation

Established in 2005 under the guidance of Late. Sri Balaji Rao Thombre, Sir Panduranga Patanjali Yoga Shikshana Kendra has been a beacon of yogic enlightenment. Committed to empowering individuals with the profound teachings of yoga, the organisation conducts free Yogasana classes and various programs to spread awareness about the holistic benefits of yoga.

Throughout its journey, the organisation has organised numerous Yogasana competitions at different levels, providing a platform for practitioners to showcase their dedication and passion. The legendary contributions of Sri K. Pattabi Jois, Sharath Jois, B.N.S. Iyengar, and many others have been acknowledged and honored by the organisation for their invaluable service to the field of yoga.

In 2012, under the guidance of Dr. Ramesh Shetty, the organisation took a significant step forward by establishing Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Shala. This branch aimed to promote the Teacher Training Course, nurturing individuals who, as teachers, would disseminate the essence of yoga worldwide. Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Shala offers intense and residential Yoga Teacher Training Courses of 200, 300, and 500 hours, affiliated with Yoga Alliance USA. The courses are conducted in the renowned Yoga center in Mysore, emphasising both theoretical and practical aspects.

Why People Should Choose Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Shala?

Holistic Teacher Training Courses: Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Shala provides 200, 300, and 500 hours intense and residential Yoga Teacher Training Courses, focusing on Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Hatha Yoga. The curriculum is designed to enhance physical, mental, and spiritual well-being for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

Expert Guidance: Under the guidance of Dr. Ramesh Shetty, an experienced and dedicated teacher, students receive personalised attention to deepen their practice and understanding of yoga.

Comprehensive Curriculum: The course schedule includes Ashtanga Vinyasa Yogasana Practice, Asana Alignment, Pranayama, Yoga Theory, Anatomy, and Yoga Sutra. The intensive and engaging topics ensure a well-rounded learning experience.

Yoga Alliance Certification: Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Shala is a Certified Registered Yoga School, meeting all the requirements of Yoga Alliance RYS for 200 hours, 300 hours, and 500 hours credentials. Graduates are eligible to register as Registered Yoga Teachers with Yoga Alliance.

Spiritual Environment: Nestled in the serene city of Mysuru, the institute provides a tranquil and conducive environment for deepening one’s yogic journey.

Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Shala goes beyond being just an institution; it is a sanctuary for those seeking transformation through yoga. The courses offered cater to the diverse needs of practitioners, allowing them to not only deepen their practice but also to carry the wisdom of yoga to every corner of the globe. Dr. Ramesh Shetty’s vision ensures that each student becomes not just a practitioner but a torchbearer of yoga’s profound teachings, spreading the light of holistic well-being worldwide.

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