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Hatha Vaidya Gurukulam

Thapobhoomi, Neernnamukku, Vadakkethara, Pazhayannur, Thrissur 680587. Thrissur, Kerala Pincode/ Zipcode - 680587

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Welcome to Hatha Vidya Traditional School of Yoga in Thrissur

Hatha Vidya Traditional School of Yoga, nestled in the serene surroundings of Thrissur, is dedicated to preserving and disseminating the timeless practices of classical Hatha Yoga. Founded with a profound vision, this school aims to impart authentic knowledge of Yoga to the world, following a lineage that traces its roots back to Adi Yogi, the first Yogi.

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At Hatha Vidya, the teachings are deeply rooted in the Hath Yogic lineage, which is marked by its all-encompassing, all-inclusive, and universal application to humanity. The practices have been traditionally transmitted through verbal exchanges from Guru to Shishya (disciple), with only a few scattered manuscripts documenting these ancient practices.

The school prides itself on integrating traditional yogic practices based on classical texts, providing a unique opportunity to experience the true essence of Yoga. Hatha Vidya is a fully inclusive, not-for-profit institution driven by a robust vision to preserve the rich heritage of Yoga.

Why People Should Visit Hatha Vidya Traditional School of Yoga

Preserving Yogic Heritage: Hatha Vidya is more than just a yoga school; it is a custodian of yogic heritage. By embracing traditional practices and teachings, the school ensures the preservation of the authentic essence of Yoga.

Pure and Traditional Yoga: Hatha Vidya is synonymous with the purest form of Yoga – Hatha Yoga. This foundational practice aims to enhance one’s psycho-physiological state for holistic well-being, empowering individuals to control the mind through the body.

Balancing Energies: The term ‘Hatha’ signifies the balance between solar (vital energy) and lunar (mental energy) flows. Through the practice of Hatha Vidya, these energies are harmonised, leading to a steady and balanced state of mind.

Preparation for Raja Yoga: Hatha Yoga serves as the base for Raja Yoga, the highest state of Yoga or samadhi. It is a preparatory phase that strengthens the body, making it conducive for the advanced practices of Raja Yoga.

Beyond Physical Aspects: Contrary to misconceptions, Hatha Yoga at Hatha Vidya is not merely a physical exercise for the body. It is a holistic approach, preparing the practitioner for the attainment of samadhi – a state of equanimous mind.

Step-by-Step Progression: The school follows a structured progression, starting with easy asanas and incorporating the Shad Karma Kriyas (six-fold cleansing process). This systematic approach prepares the practitioner for advanced practices like Kumbhaka Padhathi and Nadaanusandhan.

Symbolic Gestures and Bindings: Utilising Mudras and Bandhas, Hatha Vidya ensures the practitioner is fully equipped for the profound exploration of Nadaanusandhan, a practice that leads to corporeal and spiritual bliss.

In essence, Hatha Vidya Traditional School of Yoga invites individuals to embark on a journey beyond physical postures, delving into the depths of traditional Hatha Yoga. It stands as a haven for those seeking authentic yogic wisdom, providing a transformative experience for the mind, body, and spirit in the tranquil setting of Thrissur.


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