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Behind Elephant Kraal, Ernakulam, Kodanadu, Kerala 683544 Ernakulam, Kerala Pincode/ Zipcode - 683544

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Elephant Pass Ayurveda Resort & Yoga Retreat, Ernakulam: A Serene Haven for Holistic Well-being

Nestled in the heart of Kerala, India, the Elephant Pass Ayurveda Resort stands as a beautiful testament to the art of Ayurveda and yoga. This resort, renowned for its authenticity and peaceful ambiance, offers a unique and rejuvenating experience to guests seeking to restore balance and harmony in their lives.

Why Choose Elephant Pass Ayurveda Resort & Yoga Retreat?

Authentic Ayurvedic Experience:

Elephant Pass Ayurveda Resort seamlessly weaves together Ayurvedic remedies, yoga, meditation, and pranayama to create a gentle enchantment for guests. The resort strictly adheres to government rules and regulations and is certified under Ayush by the Government of Kerala, ensuring an authentic Ayurvedic experience.

Eco-Friendly Oasis:

Situated on the banks of the majestic Periyar River, Elephant Pass embraces an eco-friendly ethos. With over 14 years of expertise in Ayurveda therapy and yoga retreats, the resort provides a serene environment for guests to connect with nature and themselves.

Experienced Ayurveda and Yoga Professionals:

The resort boasts highly talented Ayurveda doctors, therapists, and yoga gurus with extensive experience. These professionals guide guests through advanced Ayurveda and yoga retreat programs tailored to individual wellness goals.

Unique Ayurveda Treatments:

Elephant Pass offers a range of Ayurveda treatments, including:

Abhyangam: A full-body massage with herbal oil to improve peripheral circulation and prevent aging.

Medicated Steam Bath: Herbal leaves are boiled, and steam is passed over the whole body for rejuvenation.

Greevavasthy: Specially prepared warm medicated oil is poured over the neck within an herbal paste boundary for neck-related concerns.

Why Visit Elephant Pass Ayurveda Resort & Yoga Retreat?

Holistic Wellness Consultant:

With over 14 years of experience, Elephant Pass acts as your wellness consultant. The team assists in choosing the right Ayurveda treatment or retreat by understanding individual health requirements and ensuring a hassle-free and personalised wellness journey.

Authentic Experience Guaranteed:

Elephant Pass partners only with authentic and genuine health farms, resorts, and experiences that hold high reputations and necessary certifications. The wellness experiences undergo rigorous quality checks to provide guests with authentic and reliable services.

Best Wellness Experiences at Best Prices:

As wellness experts, Elephant Pass is committed to offering the best prices without compromising on service quality. Retreats are designed to suit various budgets, and there are no hidden costs – transparency is a core value.

Kerala Ayurveda Treatments:

Elephant Pass offers traditional Kerala Ayurveda treatments, providing guests with a chance to experience the ancient healing practices of this culturally rich region.


Embark on a journey to holistic well-being at Elephant Pass Ayurveda Resort & Yoga Retreat in Ernakulam. Whether you seek authentic Ayurveda treatments, a tranquil yoga retreat, or a connection with nature, Elephant Pass offers a serene escape for those on a quest for balance and harmony.

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