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Atma Veda Yog, Pune: Nurturing Holistic Healthcare Through Yoga Wisdom

Situated in the serene surroundings of Pune, Atma Veda Yog Pvt. Ltd. emerges as a beacon of hope and healing, founded with a vision to revolutionise healthcare through the principles of yoga. Dr. Sadanand Shivram Rasal and Mrs. Shital Narendra Dhole, the visionary minds behind this endeavour, aim to make yoga an integral part of diagnostic and therapeutic practices, transforming lives and offering affordable healthcare solutions.

Atma Veda Yog stands as a testament to innovation, compassion, and a commitment to make quality healthcare accessible to all. The institute is not just a healthcare centre but a hub for research, education, and the promotion of traditional Indian therapies.

Mission of Atma Veda Yog:

Yoga as a Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tool: Atma Veda Yog envisions using yoga as a tool for healing, addressing ailments that may lack definitive answers in conventional medical systems.

Innovative Diagnostic Tools: The institute is dedicated to inventing diagnostic tools based on yoga, contributing to the ‘Make in India’ initiative.

Affordable Healthcare in Rural Areas: Through online clinics in rural India, Atma Veda Yog aims to make Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi’s vision of ‘Healthcare for All’ a reality.

Promoting Nature-based Therapies: Supporting the initiatives of Ayush Ministry, the institute advocates for nature-based traditional Indian therapies, ensuring safe and effective healthcare.

Home Healthcare and Critical Care: Atma Veda Yog strives to bring healthcare to homes, reducing the burden on overworked healthcare infrastructure and making healthcare more accessible.

Physical and Mental Well-being: With a focus on physical health and fitness through Atmaveda Yog, the institute also addresses mental health awareness, support, and therapy.

Building a Sustainable Healthcare Industry: Atma Veda Yog aims to contribute to Atmanirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India) by building a sustainable healthcare industry through education and research.

Yogic Life-Sciences Education: The institute is committed to providing education based on yogic life sciences, creating job opportunities through skill-based training.

Dr. Sadanand Rasal’s Journey:

Dr. Sadanand Rasal, a BHMS graduate from Pune University, transitioned from general practice to a deep exploration of yoga, spirituality, and holistic medicine. Over a decade of dedicated research under his Gurus equipped him with profound knowledge in cellular healing, immune markers, chakra physiology, and alternative approaches to modern diagnostic tools.

Unique Offerings:

At Atma Veda Yog, the institute introduces unique concepts:

Hirayu: A philosophy emphasising that life is meaningful when accompanied by happiness, inner peace, strength, and a sense of purpose.

Diet Pratyahara: Focused on improving Guna-dharma, Sanskar, and Yog-anurup falaprapti, this dietary approach aims to cure diseases and promote health.

Exercise Chiratarunya: This exercise methodology aims to heal diseases, provide Arogya-sampada (well-being), and support staying young without aging.

Yog-E Nidaan: A diagnostic approach, Yog-E helps identify the unknown root causes (Dosha’s) of health issues, facilitating prevention and cure.

Why Choose Atma Veda Yog?

Atma Veda Yog is not just an institution; it’s a holistic healthcare ecosystem. Visitors are welcomed into a space where ancient wisdom meets cutting-edge innovation, fostering an environment of healing, learning, and well-being. Whether you seek physical fitness, mental tranquillity, or a transformative healthcare experience, Atma Veda Yog is your haven.

In the heart of Pune, surrounded by tranquillity, Atma Veda Yog awaits to guide you on a journey towards holistic well-being.

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