It is well known that Sadhguru likes to drive. So, logically, he was behind the wheel when he picked us up at 8:30am. His 18 year-old daughter and two swamis were also in the car (one of them for recording our conversation with Sadhguru). He does not only look like a guru from ancient times, but he also has a very strong spiritual aura, which is easily noticeable by anyone.

His first duty of the day was to vote in the Tamil Nadu elections. Soon, we had another longer stop as the car had a “major problem” – the horn was not working… Not possible to drive a car without horn in India, it really gets dangerous as Indian drivers use sounds more than vision to orientate themselves in the traffic. We found a mechanics who tried to fix the horn for about half an hour. In the meantime we could observe people gathering around him and his car. We had never seen policemen smiling like this before! Sadhguru naturally gave attention to every person approaching him.

This time, we had enough time for all our questions. Sadhguru answered each question precisely and in a comprehensive way. There was not much flow from one question to the next, as after each of his replies he would say: “Your next question?”. Maybe these fast and precise answers have their origin in the fact that he already heard, thought and answered so many questions in his life. We could spend over one hour with him, helping us understand more on his approach to yoga, which has a reduced focus on asanas:

“Asanas are one out of eight limbs of yoga, asanas are only 12.5% of yoga”.

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  1. I am ratul sharma ,age 35 years old from dibrugarh Assam .I want to learn meditation, yoga,kriya of sadhguru is it possible for me to learn .I am very much interested please let me know how can it be possible

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