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164, Eldams Road,A7 Soundarya Apts, Alwarpet, Chennai 600018.

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Illuminate Your Path with Yoga Dipam in Chennai

Yoga Dipam stands as the leading Iyengar Yoga institute in Chennai, dedicated to sharing the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar, renowned as a foremost authority on yoga in modern times. This approach focuses on developing self-awareness through precise attention to the body’s structure and nuances of breath and mind.

Inclusive and accommodating, Iyengar Yoga at Yoga Dipam welcomes students of all ages, body types, capacities, and medical histories. Regardless of age, flexibility, or fitness level, all that’s needed is a genuine willingness to learn and a curiosity about the subject. The institute’s certified teachers, authentically trained in the Iyengar tradition, offer unparalleled expertise gained through rigorous and consistent training.

Thoughtfully Curated Yoga Class for Sequential Progression

At Yoga Dipam, classes are thoughtfully designed with a curriculum carefully curated by Gayathri and the IYD team, ensuring a sequential progression from one level to the next.

Beginner: Building Foundations

The Beginner level classes are tailored for students new to Iyengar yoga. This precise and systematic approach introduces practitioners to the practice of asana and pranayama. Emphasising details and the practical application of mental focus, beginners, regardless of experience, are encouraged to start here. The class establishes a steady foundation in various types of asanas, preparing students for inversions in subsequent levels. This foundational level is mandatory for those new to the Iyengar yoga system, and repetition is welcomed until a clear understanding of foundational principles is achieved.

Intermediate: Deepening Practice

The Intermediate level is designed for mature beginners who have a grounded understanding of the Beginner classes. With a focus on deeper physiological planes, teachings become more detailed. Independent and supported inversions take centre stage, alongside a deepening practice across all categories of asana. Prerequisites include the completion of two terms of Beginner classes or three years of Iyengar yoga practice with a certified instructor.

Small Group Therapy Classes: Therapeutic Support

The Small Group Therapy Classes offer a supportive and therapeutically oriented practice for selected candidates dealing with non-life-threatening/non-surgical conditions. Instructors provide individualised attention, making hands-on adjustments when necessary, while a common sequence may apply to the small group.

Medical Classes at Yoga Dipam

Yoga Dipam, specialising in Iyengar Yoga, provides various Intensives and corporate workshops all year round. These Intensives last for two or two-and-a-half hours, delving into specific topics like asana, pranayama, or the therapeutic aspects of yoga. Participation in some intensives may require specific prerequisites or qualifications.

The content of the intensives can also be tailored to themes requested by a group of participants or as determined by the instructor. Typically, these Intensives are scheduled over the weekends.

Workshops at Yoga Dipam

In corporate settings where stress levels can be high, making healthy choices can be a challenge for employees. This often leads to common health issues like neck and back pain, blood pressure problems, and increased stress, taking a toll on work-life balance. To address these concerns, Gayathri has developed a customised workshop for the corporate community. Focused on themes such as general fitness and posture, relief from neck and back pain, and managing stress, diabetes, and blood pressure, these workshops can be scheduled regularly, providing employees with practical tools to enhance their well-being.

Yoga in Chennai

Escape the chaos of urban life and discover serenity with Yoga in Chennai at Yoga Dipam. This haven offers a respite from the hustle and bustle, providing an opportunity to explore the profound benefits of Iyengar Yoga right in the heart of the city. Embrace a calming practice that harmonises the mind and body amid the vibrancy of urban living.

Iyengar Yoga – Precision and Radiance:

Yoga Dipam’s primary focus is on Iyengar Yoga, a practice celebrated for its precise techniques and positive impact on both the body and mind. Individuals are invited to join and explore the nuances of this well-established discipline, guided by experienced instructors at Yoga Dipam.

Embark on this radiant journey today and let Yoga Dipam illuminate the path in the vibrant city of Chennai.

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