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Shivoham Yoga School

Palolem South Goa, Goa Pincode/ Zipcode - 403702

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Shivoham Yoga School in Palolem, South Goa: Embrace Serenity through Yoga Wisdom

Situated on the pristine beaches of Palolem in South Goa, Shivoham Yoga School stands as a beacon of yogic wisdom and tranquility. Renowned for its Yoga Teacher Training programs, including 200-hour Yoga TTC, 100-hour Yoga TTC, and rejuvenating Yoga Retreats, Shivoham Yoga School is dedicated to providing an immersive and holistic yoga experience rooted in tradition.

Shivoham Yoga School, Goa

Shivoham Yoga School has earned its reputation as the most reputed Yoga Teacher Training center in Goa. With a team of highly passionate yoga teachers, deeply rooted in the yogic tradition, the school’s commitment is to make yoga accessible to all. Nestled in a sweet paradise right on the beach, Shivoham Yoga School offers not just a learning experience but an opportunity to connect with the soul.

Why People Should Visit Shivoham Yoga School?

Reputed Yoga Teacher Training: Shivoham Yoga School is known for its transformative Yoga Teacher Training courses. Whether one is pursuing the 200-hour Yoga TTC, 100-hour Yoga TTC, or a specialised course like Ashtanga or Vinyasa, the school ensures a curriculum designed to meet international standards while preserving the traditional essence of Yoga.

Personalised Experience: From the day a student joins, Shivoham Yoga School takes a personalised approach. Understanding food preferences, goals, and activity levels, the school ensures that each student receives the best experience tailored to their individual needs.

Holistic Yoga Courses & Retreats: The school offers a variety of Yoga Courses and Retreats, including Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced practitioner, the courses are designed to deepen your understanding of yoga and enhance your practice.

In the Lap of Nature: Located in Palolem, South Goa, Shivoham Yoga School provides an ideal setting for immersive yogic exploration. Surrounded by nature and the soothing sound of the waves, it offers a perfect environment to connect with oneself and the practice of yoga.

Community and Family: Shivoham Yoga School is more than an institution; it’s a community that shares dreams, aspirations, laughter, and tears. Students come together to share ideas, support each other, and bring out the best in one another. The school nurtures an environment where diverse perspectives and traditions of yoga practice are embraced.

Ancient Wisdom with a Modern Twist: The school’s Yoga Teacher Training programs focus on body mechanics, yoga class sequencing, the art of teaching, therapeutic yoga, meditation, and the power of breath. It offers a holistic and profound yoga experience, blending ancient yogic philosophy with a modern approach.

Trusted Yoga Alliance Certification: Shivoham Yoga School is a Yoga Alliance registered, internationally acclaimed Yoga Teacher Training center. The certification received is a testament to the high standards of professionalism and authenticity maintained by the school.

Explore Yoga at Shivoham Yoga School

Shivoham Yoga School invites individuals to explore the transformative power of yoga in the heart of South Goa. Whether you’re looking to deepen your yoga practice or aspire to become a certified yoga teacher, Shivoham Yoga School offers a nurturing space where ancient wisdom meets modern understanding. Join their Yoga Teacher Training or Retreats to delve into the serenity of yoga and embrace a holistic journey within.



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