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New hind mill compound, 1/D, Ferbandar, Ghodapdeo, Byculla East, Byculla, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400010

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Sanskar Yoga Kendra: Nurturing Health Through Yoga in the Heart of Mumbai

In the bustling city of Mumbai, where the daily grind often takes a toll on physical and mental well-being, finding a place that aligns health with simplicity is a rarity. Sanskar Yoga Kendra, situated near Cotton Green Station in Ghodapdev, is that sanctuary. It stands as a beacon for those seeking harmony through yoga, proper diet, and rest.

Sanskar Yoga Kendra in Byculla for Better Life

In the whirlwind of life, everyone aspires for a better life. Sanskar Yoga Kendra advocates a simple yet profound philosophy – YPR, encompassing Yoga, Proper Diet, and Rest. It’s a holistic approach that transcends the ordinary, encouraging a routine that incorporates daily yoga practice, mindful dietary choices, and the essential element of rest.

About Sanjay Pednekar

The founder’s journey is rooted in a deep passion for yoga. Having completed a Diploma in Yoga and subsequent training in Yoga Therapy and Naturopathy at Yog Vidya Niketan in 2011, the vision took shape. Sanskar Yoga Kendra was born out of a mission to infuse yoga into every household. The founder’s commitment to spreading the joy of a healthy life reflects in the aim to touch the lives of one lakh people through daily yoga practice.

What Sanskar Yoga Kendra Can Do for You?

Sanskar Yoga Kendra echoes the age-old adage – “Health is Wealth.” The emphasis here is not just on physical well-being but on guiding individuals toward a holistic lifestyle. Offering both offline and online yoga classes, the institute makes yoga accessible to all. The institute’s app, named Sanskar Yoga Kendra, brings the practice of yoga to people’s fingertips, ensuring they can learn and engage at their convenience.

Offline Yoga Classes: Connecting in Person

For those who prefer the serenity of in-person sessions, Sanskar Yoga Kendra conducts classes at Ghodapdev, near Cotton Green Station. The morning batches timed at 5:55 AM to 6:55 AM, 7 AM to 8 AM, and 8:5 AM to 9:5 AM, offer a refreshing start to the day. The evening batches, from 4 PM to 5 PM and 5 PM to 6 PM, provide a tranquil end to hectic schedules.

Online Yoga Classes: Bridging Distances Virtually

In the wake of the pandemic, the institute adapted to the times, offering online yoga classes. The morning batches from 5.55 am to 6.55 am and 7 am to 8 am ensure that participants begin their day on a positive note. Additionally, there’s a special evening batch exclusively for ladies, from 5 pm to 6 pm.

Learn Yoga from Sanskar Yoga Kendra App

Understanding the constraints of busy lives, Sanskar Yoga Kendra introduces its app – an avenue for learning yoga at one’s own pace. The app accommodates the fast-paced lifestyle, enabling users to learn and practice yoga whenever and wherever they desire. Doubts and queries find their resolution with a simple tap, connecting learners with experienced instructors.

Why Visit Sanskar Yoga Kendra?

Holistic Well-being: Sanskar Yoga Kendra is not merely an institute; it’s a haven for holistic well-being. The teachings go beyond physical postures, delving into the realms of mindful living, balanced nutrition, and rejuvenating rest.

Personalised Guidance: The founder’s personal journey adds a touch of authenticity to the teachings. With years of experience and a genuine passion for spreading the benefits of yoga, Sanskar Yoga Kendra offers personalised guidance to each practitioner.

Flexible Learning: Whether through offline classes at the serene Ghodapdev location or virtual sessions, Sanskar Yoga Kendra caters to diverse preferences. The institute’s app further extends the flexibility, making yoga accessible to all, regardless of their schedule.

Community of Wellness: Enrolling in Sanskar Yoga Kendra isn’t just about attending classes; it’s about becoming part of a community dedicated to well-being. The shared energy and commitment foster an environment where individuals support each other on their wellness journeys.

Sanskar Yoga Kendra stands as a testament to the transformative power of yoga in nurturing a healthier and more balanced life. It is not just a place; it is a philosophy, an invitation to embrace a lifestyle that harmonises the body, mind, and spirit. Visit Sanskar Yoga Kendra in Mumbai, embark on a journey to well-being, and let the serenity of yoga guide you towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.


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