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Badrinath Road, Tapovan, Thiri Garhwal Dehradun, Uttarakhand Pincode/ Zipcode - 249192

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Dive into Mukta Tantra Yoga in the Heart of Rishikesh

Mukta Tantra Yoga is a unique and profound practice that combines the principles of traditional Kundalini Tantra Yoga with elements of Tantric asanas, Tantric chakras, mantras, meditations, philosophy, breathwork, femininity, and the exploration of sounds and vibrations.

Unveiling Mukta Tantra Yoga in Rishikesh

At the core of our offerings lies Mukta Tantra Yoga, a unique blend of traditional wisdom and contemporary flair. It’s not just a practice; it’s an exploration of the self. Imagine the Ganges River as your backdrop and ancient wisdom as your guide – that’s the Mukta Tantra Yoga experience.

Unlike Hatha Yoga, Neo-Western Tantra, or Western Kundalini Yoga, Mukta Tantra Yoga has evolved in a non-dualistic environment and has been passed down orally through generations. It is the only philosophy in the world that is not male chauvinistic and does not discriminate based on nationality, class, color, gender, or religion. This form of yoga cannot be learned from self-proclaimed scholars or books; it is a heart-to-heart connection and a direct perspective of the free mind.

Dive into the Essence: 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill program; it’s a transformative journey. Mukta Tantra Yoga becomes a way of life as you delve into the asanas, pranayama, and meditation. Prepare to challenge yourself physically and mentally, all while basking in the mystique of Rishikesh.

Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh: More Than Just Poses

Calling all yoga enthusiasts! Our Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh isn’t your typical escape. Picture this: sunrise yoga by the Ganges, meditation sessions in ancient caves, and evenings filled with soulful conversations around the bonfire. It’s a retreat, alright – a retreat into the depths of your own being.

Mukta Tantra Yoga is not about converting from one system of belief to another or seeking a spiritual escape or academic pursuit. Instead, it is a key to dissolve self-inflicted sorrow and celebrate our uniqueness without comparison. It encourages a healthy, doubting, skeptical, and critical mind, as it is a free mind that does not blindly follow or obey societal rules and so-called leaders. Obedience can lead to the exploitation of fear and greed by old establishments.

Mukta Tantra Yoga holds the golden secret key to absolute freedom. It represents the essence of Asiatic mysticism and encompasses traditional Kundalini Tantra Yoga, including tantric asanas, Kundalini awakening, tantric chakras, mantras, meditations, philosophy, breathwork, bandhas, prana, sounds, vibrations, light, tantric elements, energies, soma, and self-recognition. It helps to cultivate present-moment awareness and unlock the free flow of bliss, known as Kundalini Shakti in Tantra.

Mukta Tantra Yoga encourages self-awareness through direct observation. It enables individuals to face daily life as it unfolds and respond with fresh intelligence in each moment.

The practice of Mukta Tantra Yoga supports individuals in seeing their own light beyond dependency on systems, cultures, traditions, organized religions, bookish knowledge, and self-proclaimed gurus. Traditions are meant to be used, not to be used by or obsessed over. They are mere shadows of truth that modern scholars attempt to grasp. We are the truth, and it is time to express it without seeking excuses. Mukta Tantra Yoga welcomes you to vitalize your senses and manifest your truth.

Truth does not belong to any particular lineage; it is the essence of a rebellious heart that dares to break through traditional lineages in order to express truth freshly and use tradition wisely. Only lies can be repeated, not the truth, because truth is always fresh and must be approached with a fresh perspective. Following Tantra is not the goal; rather, understanding oneself is true Tantra. Traditional Tantra serves as an inspiration to taste our own freedom.

The term “Mukta” means “free” or liberated, while “Tantra” is the science of unlocking the code of our true nature, which is pure consciousness, bliss, and freedom. It is eternal and transcends the limitations of the body, mind, and emotions. The goal is not to achieve something but to experience the innate bliss of life that already exists.

True freedom is not found on any road; it resides within us. All roads lead us away from our true nature. Until our true nature is manifested biologically, psychologically, and emotionally, it remains merely an idea. Life is not an idea; it is a vibrant reality in the present moment.

Mukta Tantra Yoga encompasses the essence of various yoga types, including Trika Yoga, Shiva Yoga, Shakti Yoga, Quantum Yoga, Prana Yoga, Tantric Yin Yoga, Yin Yang Yoga, Uchhara Yoga, Tattva Yoga, Soma Yoga, and Consciousness Yoga.


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