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Maa Yoga Ashram

Aamkhala, Badrinath Road, Tapovan, Rishikesh, India-249201

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Awaken to Bliss: Unveiling Your Path at Maa Yoga Ashram, Rishikesh

Nestled amidst the sacred folds of Rishikesh, where the Ganges sings ancient wisdom and the Himalayas whisper in the breeze, lies Maa Yoga Ashram. More than just a yoga school, it’s a haven for seekers of harmony, a doorway to inner transformation, and a vibrant tapestry woven with the threads of yoga, Ayurveda, and community.

Here, nestled among serene landscapes and echoing with the gentle rhythm of temple bells, you’ll find a space to awaken your true nature. Whether you’re an aspiring yogi seeking masterful guidance, a weary soul yearning for restorative retreat, or a curious wanderer drawn to the ancient whispers of Ayurveda, Maa Yoga Ashram holds a path for you.

Unfolding the Lotus Within: Yoga Teacher Training

For those longing to share the transformative power of yoga, Maa Yoga Ashram offers a comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training program, registered with the Yoga Alliance. Immerse yourself in 200, 300, or 500-hour courses that delve deep into the philosophy, practice, and art of teaching yoga. Under the watchful eyes of experienced mentors, you’ll refine your asana practice, discover the subtle nuances of pranayama, and learn to guide others on their own journeys of self-discovery.

Nourishment for Body, Mind, and Soul: Ayurveda Retreats

Let the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda envelop you in rejuvenating retreats at Maa Yoga Ashram. Savor the tranquillity of our ashram-style haven, where calming surroundings and comfortable accommodations melt away the stresses of life. Breathe deeply in invigorating yoga sessions, find stillness in guided meditations, and indulge in revitalising Ayurvedic massages. Embark on outdoor excursions, explore adventure sports, and awaken your senses to the vibrant tapestry of Rishikesh.

Healing at its Source: Authentic Ayurvedic Treatments

Maa Yoga Ashram is uniquely equipped to offer truly authentic Ayurvedic treatments. Partnered with the Arogyadham Global Aids Research Foundation, they draw upon ancient principles and over 900 researched herbs to provide holistic healing for various physical and mental ailments. Whether you seek gentle detoxification, rejuvenation for weary limbs, or a path to inner balance, our experienced Ayurvedic practitioners will guide you towards radiant well-being.

Why Choose Maa Yoga Ashram? 

  • Holistic Approach: From yoga teacher training to retreats and Ayurvedic treatments, Maa Yoga Ashram caters to your every need, offering a complete journey of transformation.
  • Authentic Legacy: Rooted in traditional ashram principles, we ensure a genuine yogic experience, far from modern fads and trends.
  • Warm Community: Join a welcoming circle of fellow seekers, where shared experiences and genuine connections pave the way for lasting friendships and support.
  • Serene Setting: Immerse yourself in the sacred landscapes of Rishikesh, where the natural beauty amplifies the transformative power of your practice.

Maa Yoga Ashram awaits you, not just as a place to learn, but as a sanctuary to bloom. Step onto this path and let the ancient wisdom of yoga, the nurturing touch of Ayurveda, and the warmth of community guide you towards your own wellspring of inner peace and radiant well-being.

Come, breathe deeply, and awaken to bliss.



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