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Kranti Yoga Village Beach Resort, H. No. 135, Patnem Beach, Canacona South Goa, Goa

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Transformational Journey at Kranti Yoga School in South Goa

At Kranti Yoga in Goa, the Yoga Shala, meaning yoga space, comprises six exceptional environments for yoga practice. The school, dedicated to yoga education, schedules classes throughout the day for participants in Yoga Teacher Training Courses or those on a Yoga Holiday. The various spaces cater to different aspects of practice, some conducive to learning inversions, others perfect for meditative reflection. With views ranging from the Arabian Sea to the palm trees of Goa, practitioners can choose the setting that aligns with their preferences, ensuring a diverse and enriching yoga experience.

Mantra Yoga Shala 

Their yoga spaces are distributed across their two resorts, with three Yoga Shalas located in the Ocean Side Resort and another three in the Garden Side Resort. All these spaces come fully equipped with mats, blocks, and belts, and are equipped with fans to ensure comfort during Goa’s hotter months.

The largest of their yoga spaces serves as the venue for the morning practice in the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) and hosts various other yoga classes for Yoga Holidays. Positioned to overlook the Ocean View Shala, it offers picturesque views of Patnem Beach in Goa.

Ocean Side Yoga Shala

The yoga space situated on Patnem Beach in Goa is designated for the 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC). The morning practice for the YTTC unfolds in close proximity to the beach. Subsequently, the space transforms into a classroom for theory classes throughout the day. Noteworthy features of this Shala include an inversion wall and pull-up bars.

Top Deck

The newest addition to their yoga spaces in Goa is situated above Mantra Shala, occupying a level above amidst the trees. Elevated above Patnem Beach, Goa, this space proves to be an excellent setting for Yin Yoga and Meditation. Frequently utilised for Yin Yoga Theory Classes, it plays a central role in the Yin Yoga Immersion Course.

Tantra Yoga Shala

Situated in the Garden Resort, this yoga space exudes a classroom atmosphere, serving as the venue for numerous workshops. It plays a pivotal role in hosting theory classes for the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC). Along one side, there is a wall designated for inversions and release techniques. Additionally, this space at Yoga Shala Goa is utilised for Fire Ceremonies and Hare Krishna talks.

Yantra Yoga Shala

Yantra Shala stands out with mirrors adorning one side, giving it a studio ambiance. Appreciated for its studio-like feel, it proves beneficial for students who will eventually teach in city studios upon returning home from Goa. This yoga space gains popularity for hosting the Yin Yoga Intensive Course, thanks to its slightly secluded location.

Tree House

Their second space, positioned a level above the resort, imparts a genuine treehouse feel amidst the trees at Yoga Space Goa. Frequently employed as a meditation space for smaller classes, particularly for Yoga Holiday guests, it serves as an ideal sanctuary for individuals seeking solace with a good book.

The Pool House

The newly established Shala space offers a scenic view overlooking the open-air swimming pool. Nestled among the trees and elevated above the ground, individuals can relish the breeze, sunshine, and the presence of palm trees while practicing or studying in this unique space.

Samadhi Shala

Their newest Yin space, Samadhi Shala, was thoughtfully designed with a focus on relaxation and introspection. Boasting a naturally cosy and grounding ambiance, the space is adorned with white ethereal curtains, drop-down bulb lights, and ornate wood-framed mirrors.



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