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Kudle beach, Gokarna Uttara Kannada (Karwar), Karnataka

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Discover Tranquility at Digambara in Gokarna

Nestled in the spiritual heart of India, Digambara Yoga Retreat Centre in Gokarna beckons seekers of serenity and well-being. Established with the purpose of hosting diverse yoga workshops, this centre offers a haven for those inclined towards a holistic and healthy lifestyle.

Gokarna, a revered Brahmin village in Karnataka, is a testament to the rich tapestry of India’s yogic heritage. Blessed with sacred sites, temples, and a holy spring, Gokarna exudes an ambiance that encourages profound engagement in the practice of yoga. At the heart of the village lies Lake Koti Tirtha, often referred to as the “reservoir of a thousand holy springs,” believed to cleanse all sins.

Just a minute’s walk from Digambara View, one discovers the mystical Shiva cave known as the “cow’s ear.” Legend has it that this cave, representing the ear of the earth-cow Prithvi, is where Lord Shiva emerged into the light. The name Gokarna, meaning “cow’s ear,” pays homage to this sacred location. It is believed that the demon Ravana, in possession of the Shiva Lingam, paused here to pray. Ganesha, in the guise of a Brahmin, intervened, restoring the Lingam’s powers to Shiva.

Journey to Digambara: An Immersive Experience

For those seeking a tranquil escape, Digambara provides two retreat centres: Digambara View and Digambara Beach. Digambara View, perched on a hill, offers breathtaking sea views of Kudle beach. A mere 5-minute stroll takes you to the beach, while Gokarna is a leisurely 15-minute walk or a short rickshaw ride away. The centre boasts two two-story buildings with eight rooms each, a sea-view yoga space on the roof, and a refreshing swimming pool.

Alternatively, Digambara Beach, situated directly on the picturesque Kudle beach, provides a different seaside experience. With 10 cosy cottages, a pool, and a vegetarian cafe overlooking the beach, this space emanates tranquility. A yoga place with an area of 120 m2, located near the cottages, allows practitioners to immerse themselves in the serene sound of the waves.

Why Visit Digambara: A Retreat for the Soul

Digambara invites you to a retreat where the nuances of yoga are embraced amidst nature’s beauty. The retreat centre, committed to a holistic lifestyle, offers vegetarian cuisine, prohibits smoking and alcohol, and ensures a wholesome environment. Whether you choose the elevated perspective of Digambara View or the beachside charm of Digambara Beach, both spaces provide an idyllic setting for yoga enthusiasts and those seeking a peaceful escape.

Embark on a journey to Digambara and experience the essence of Gokarna, where spirituality meets the soothing embrace of nature. This retreat promises not just a physical respite but a profound journey within, harmonising mind, body, and spirit.

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