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Intermediate Class

Intermediate yoga is for practitioners who have been practicing yoga regularly for 2 or more years. In this class you will get to explore advanced variations of asanas and learn to use props to enhance the effect of the asanas. This class also covers the theory behind asanas, how they affect your body and how to gradually develop yourself to go into more advanced asanas. Whether you want to be a yoga teacher or excel in your own practice, this class is perfect for all practitioners.  

(This is not a teacher certification course*) 

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Yoga is a non-competitive sport so there is no need for any special physical traits to practice yoga. All you need is desire to learn, patience, and perseverance. We do not practice yoga to become flexible, it is a practice for improving concentration, attention span and awareness. Flexibility, when it comes, is a by-product of it.

No, this is for intermediate and advanced students only. It may be difficult for beginners, however if you wish to learn you can check out our beginner’s class here.  

Traditionally, it is ideal time to practice is at sunrise or sunset. Most people prefer to practice early in the morning because during this time the body and mind are still fresh and quiet and there are few external disturbances 

One should wait at least four hours before practicing after a full meal. The two main reasons for that are first, the stomach and intestines are full and heavy after a meal which restricts movement. Secondly, practicing after a meal disturbs the body's natural flow of energy as it is required to digest food.  

Props make it possible for every person to enhance their Sadhana (practice of yoga), regardless of their physical limitations. 

The use of props allows one to: 

– Perform difficult asanas independently 

– Achieve and maintain correct alignment  

– Holding asanas for longer and relax, thus attaining their full benefit 

– Understand the asanas on a deeper level 

– continue practicing despite of chronic or temporary ailments and improve their condition. 


Meet Our Teacher

Najeeb Sayed

Najeeb Sayed is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher known for his helpful and compassionate nature, and ability to empower students to push their limits. He likes to inject new and positive energy into them. Ask any of his students, and they’ll tell you that Najeeb Sir has taught them how to cope with the challenges in life through his teachings. Whether it is in a class, at a workshop, or at his yoga retreats, you will surely get positive vibes and energy – you’ll always find him doling out the intricacies of a pose to an amateur, supporting an intermediate student to explore a graceful inversion or assisting a senior citizen in a restorative sequence.

With 30+ years of teaching experience, Najeeb Sir’s tryst with Iyengar Yoga happened in the late 1980s. He’s a direct disciple of Guruji BKS Iyengar who groomed him under his shade – attending his classes at RIMYI, Pune, and his classes in Mumbai over weekends. His journey as a teacher began in 1991 when Guruji recommended he teach Children’s Classes at Jawahar Bal Bhavan, Charni Road, Mumbai.

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